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Online learning creates complications for students

It has been a year since the coronavirus pandemic has struck the nation, leaving students quarantined to learn online from their household, which can drastically affect their mental health and create difficulties learning. There are several things that can cause obstacles for students in an online environment, such as staying motivated, internet issues, distractions and loneliness. Staying focused in classes can also be challenging for students due to being confined to a living space with fa

Fresno State’s Music Professor and Saxophonist shares his jazz music and collaborations with poets

The “In the Studio” series presented Fresno State University’s Music Professor and Saxophonist Benjamin Boone on Friday, where he shared his work of jazz music through video clips to students and staff. In the event, hosted by Music Professors Omari Tau, Lisa Beebe and Kurt Erickson, video clips of Boone’s work were played, and he talked about the collaborations he had with other poets. The clips shared were “The Poetry of Jazz,” “Palin Song” and “That’s My Son There.” “All in my career, peo

Sacramento’s Onit Coffee food truck serves excellent drinks and creates good vibes for the community

Without a doubt, many people enjoy drinking coffee because it’s their favorite go-to drink, and it helps them get through the day. Onit Coffee, a Sacramento food and coffee truck, opened in February 2020 in Elk Grove. Their motto on the truck says, “Impacting lives, one cup at a time.” Onit Coffee’s mission statement is to bring a gourmet coffee experience to the local community while also helping those in need, according to the Onit Coffee website. Onit has a variety of drinks and food th

Faculty discuss challenges of online instruction

Online learning can be challenging for students and faculty members. However, some faculty say they’ve enjoyed teaching synchronous classes, which meet in real time online because of the interaction they have with their students. English Professor Trang Abeid, Film and Media Studies Professor Adam Wadenius and Biology Professor Eli Carlisle talked about their synchronous classes on Zoom and how they’re making online instruction work for their students. “I think students do better through syn

Chancellor discusses student goals and programs to Los Rios staff

Chancellor Brian King hosted a convocation meeting discussing a variety of topics regarding student outcomes and programs with the Los Rios Community College District staff on Friday. The topics King discussed were equity and social justice, plans for reopening and the 2021-2022 budget. “We want to improve outcomes for all of our students, but the focus is on those who have faced some of the greatest barriers historically,” said King. The district planned a goal for each of these topics to

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Evermore’ tells a story

Country-pop star Taylor Swift released her ninth studio album “Evermore” just five months after her album “Folklore.” “Evermore” is a companion to Swift’s other 2020 album, “Folklore,” which was also written and recorded simultaneously, according to Forbes magazine. The “Evermore” album is a 15-song tracklist along with two additional bonus tracks. The music genre is alternative rock and folk-pop. In her Twitter posts, Swift said she loved the escapism she found in imaginary and non-imagin

Native American Heritage Month presents flute player Al Striplen

For Native American Heritage Month, the Native American Planning Committee held a flute presentation event featuring Native American Flute Player Al Striplen on Nov. 17. Native American Heritage Month is not only celebrated annually, but it’s also a time to share and acknowledge the Native American Community. It also honors its members, ancestors and the community to give recognition of the work and struggles they have endured in history, said Cosumnes River College Counselor Crystal Martinez-

COVID-19 cases continues to rise in the wintertime

As winter approaches, we have an increased chance of being infected by COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses. According to the Merck Manual Consumer Version, respiratory illnesses affect the respiratory system, which includes the nose, mouth, throat and voice, and continues through the airways of the lungs in the human body. They are very common in the winter because the weather gets cooler and people are gathered inside more. “Typically the wintertime is the time that we see higher levels

As other states see spiking COVID-19 cases, should California be reopening restaurants and gyms?

Across Sacramento County, gyms and restaurants have started to reopen with a limited capacity. Even though many people are eating out or working out with their friends, family or even by themselves, it’s unsafe and too soon for gyms and restaurants to be open indoors because you’re breathing the same air as everyone else and there is a high risk of catching COVID-19. There’s a higher risk of eating inside a restaurant due to the virus, and you have to be extra cautious about yourself and you

Professor talks about cooking program and remote learning

Cosumnes River College Culinary Arts Professor Michael Frigm talked about his cooking program called “Foundational Cooking Methods” and his transition to remote learning. In Frigm’s cooking program on YouTube, he demonstrates step-by-step on how to make different kinds of foods along with cooking tools to use. The videos are used as resources for his students and are open access to anyone. Frigm was inspired to become a culinary arts professor because of his interest in food and cooking. He

‘In the Studio’ series presents ‘Raise Your Voice’

The Cosumnes River College Music Department’s “In the Studio” series presented an open mic event called “Raise Your Voice” on Friday. Music Professor Maxwell Kiesner said the “Raise Your Voice” event is about opening a platform to the campus for those who are musically talented, but not enrolled in music classes. In the “Raise Your Voice” presentation hosted by CRC music students Lina Crouson and Hosna Alacozy, music faculty and non-music students shared their talents that were pre-recorded