Associated Students of Cosumnes River College presents student candidates

A student candidate forum was held through Zoom to present the candidates who are running for student government positions on Wednesday. There were seven Cosumnes River College candidates who spoke at the forum, which included Nancy Eke, who is running for Secretary of Equity and Diversity, Cristian Palomino and Carlos Bermudez Ramirez, who are running for Student Senate Senator, Eva Blankenship, who is running for Treasurer, Alexandra Lopez, who is running for Student Senate Secretary, Harsim

Quality chicken fingers restaurant comes to Elk Grove

A new chicken fingers restaurant called Raising Cane’s opened in Elk Grove, and serves fresh quality chicken finger meals. Raising Cane’s offers a variety of chicken combo meals. These combo meals include the box combo, the 3 finger combo, the caniac combo, the sandwich combo and the kids combo. While there are some differences between the meals, all of them include the basic components of chicken fingers, crinkle-cut fries, a drink and the restaurant’s specialty, Cane’s sauce. In the box

Photography exhibit experiments with light and form

The Cosumnes River College Art Gallery held a photography exhibit in person called “Creatures of Light and Form: Topographical Explorations” on Thursday. The exhibit features photographs from six independent photographers based in Sacramento and Davis. Each of the photos pertained to light and form. “The significance of this exhibit is for the group of us to share our work with the audience and expose people in Northern California to photography because it’s not considered art as much as scu

Panel shares experiences about life during the pandemic

An online panel discussion was held on Monday featuring Cosumnes River College Business Professor Sherrie Carinci and Sacramento State University graduate students, who discussed self-care and navigating life in the new normal since COVID. Carinci said it is important to acknowledge the stress of the triangulation of jobs, the private sphere, public sphere and educator. “With COVID, women already had what we call ‘double duty,’ meaning that they worked all day and then they usually came home

Affordable food options available on and off campus for students

As students return to campus, they’re looking for affordable lunch options to get a quick bite to eat. While on-campus dining options are limited, there are several places within walking distance where students can get a meal for under $15. Five places that are within walking distance from campus and on campus are Taco Bell, Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes, Honu Hawaiian B.B.Q., Jimmy’s Poké House & Sushi Restaurant and the Avenue C vending machines in the Cosumnes River College cafeteria.

Students share their feelings about in-person classes

After two years of online learning, many Cosumnes River College courses returned to in-person instruction on Feb. 22. In interviews with students on campus at CRC, students shared their feelings about in-person classes. Twenty-four-year-old sociology major Akash Singh said he is happy about returning to campus. “I’m pretty happy to be back to campus,” Singh said. “I felt like I found it easier to learn in-person rather than online.” Business major Nayha Mehmood, 20, said being on school

Hawks Nest Bookstore continues to offer in-person services

The Hawks Nest bookstore has remained open for in-person shopping to students during the first two weeks of the term as most of the campus moved to online operations. The services that are available to students are in-store shopping, textbook pickup and textbook delivery by mail. The only service that is not available is curbside pickup. “They can come in here and shop with their book list, they can come in here to in-store pickup if they order to have their book picked up at CRC,” said Book

Recovering from COVID-19 takes more than five days of isolation

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate for five days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The five-day isolation period is recommended for those who have tested positive regardless of their vaccination status or whether they have symptoms or not. This is not enough time to be isolated and it should be extended for five more days for an individual’s well-being. As someone who is vaccinated and who tested positive for COVID-19 during the winter break, my e

CRC library closed due to water damage repairs

The Cosumnes River College library has been closed since Nov. 8 due to water damage from an HVAC leak. Technical Services Librarian Melaine Huyck-Aufdermaur said there was a significant amount of flooding through the ceiling in the library. “It’s going to be closed for the foreseeable future as they do repairs and construction, but we are still loaning books, you can request other items,” Huyck-Aufdermaur said. “We are still offering all of our online services, so the library is still comple

Syfy and USA Network ‘Chucky’ series explores murders and LGBTQ experiences

The horror television series “Chucky” tells the story about a possessed doll named Charles Lee Ray that is purchased at a yard sale and strange murders begin happening in the town of Hackensack. The series premiered this fall on Syfy and USA Network, and it is the sequel to “Cult of Chucky,” which is the seventh film of the “Child’s Play” franchise. It is directed by Don Mancini (“Seed of Chucky”, “Curse of Chucky”). Zackary Arthur stars as Jake Wheeler (“The 5th Wave”, “Mom and Dad”), actre